Bulk Garlic Flakes – Dried Minced Garlic by the Pound


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Bulk Garlic Flakes

Minced Chopped Garlic is a great addition to any meal. We keep ours in a refillable shaker right next to the stove and use it often. It is mild enough to give a hint of that wonderful onion flavor and aroma without the fuss of cutting up an onion every time we want to cook. Garlic Flakes are perfect for pizza, spagetti and any other italian dish plus it taste great on eggs too. We personally use and love these Garlic Flakes and appreciate that they are dried and readily available any tine we need them. The Color is a Natural White and the Package Size Qty is 1 Pound of Bulk Garlic Flakes.

Fresh Garlic is considered to be a super food and is often mentioned first when someone is asking what they can add to their diet to get more healthy. It is probably the number one suggestion because it is such a well known valuable food that the benefits of Garlic cannot be overstated. It is high in enzymes and antioxidants and said to be helpful in a myriad of diseases such as cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, weight loss and possibly even cancer.

Garlic Studies show the amazing health potential in nearly every area of the body, from  numerous ailments to even helping with the most popular use being the common cold.  Studies about garlic are well known and show that garlic can protect against bacterial issues, yeast overgrowth, hardening of the arteries, gangrene, viral and parasitic infections. It has long been believed to bolster the immune system, reduce tumor growth, and help to remove free radicals from the cells. Garlic has also shown to be benefit in removing heavy metals from the organs in the body including lead, mercury, cadmium, and even arsenic.

Common Garlic Uses

  • Ear Infection - a drop of garlic oil soothes & helps to reduce pain
  • Tooth Ache - a drop of garlic oil can help with bacteria and reduce pain
  • Cold Sores - use a thin slice of raw garlic to reduce pain & kill germs
  • Warts - apply a drop of garlic oil daily to reduce & kill warts
  • Splinters - putting a slice of garlic on a splinter for a few minutes eases with removal
  • Stomach Ache - mix crushed raw garlic & honey - store in a jar for future use

Old Wives Tale - There was a story told years ago about several families that survived the European Black Plaque untouched. Since in every case they were Garlic Farmers who stored their garlic crops in their basement, many have wondered if this could have been the reason their whole family survived.

Overall, Garlic is a Healthy Ancient Herb that has been used for centuries and has been proven to be safe in larger amounts with very little chance of toxicity.

Botanical Name for Garlic: Allium Sativum
Keeps well in a Mason Jar for Long Term Storage
Package Size is 1 Pound of Bulk Garlic Flakes


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