Cinnamon Sticks 6 inch – Dried Cinnamon by the Pound


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Bulk Cinnamon Sticks 6 inch - Botanical Name: Cinnamomum cassia - Qty: 1 pound – sticks - Cinnamon Spice has an Enjoyable Aromatic Smell.
Customer Comment:
My husband is using cinnamon for health reasons. We found out about the health benefits last fall through a really interesting conversation with a stranger in Costco who has diabetes and has been self regulating through diet, exercise and LOTS of cinnamon juice.... Anyways, since then we have used it, but now we can no longer find it anywhere local. That is how I found you! They are calling it a "Seasonal Item" now!

Cinnamon Juice Recipe:
At any rate to make Cinnamon Juice: Set the teapot on to boil & Pour boiling water into a canning jar which has about 10-12 Cinnamon Sticks in it, fill and then leave it sit for a day or use within minutes, a personal preference thing.

Can remove cinnamon sticks and place into another jar for re-use. Which is what we do. We are now on the 3rd use of the same sticks ;~). We store the "juice" in the fridge but can drink hot as well. Could have it sit over night as well. I personally only drink a couple or three ounces of it at a time.


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