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Cayenne Pepper – Why I Will Always have this in My Medicine Cabinet

Did you know that Cayenne Pepper is a hemostatic meaning that it stops bleeding? Crazy Right? But believe it or not, it is absolutely true. Ask any kitchen chef or doctor and their is a good chance they already know this. Another amazing fact about Cayenne Pepper is not only that it can stop bleeding but after the initial sting, it can reduce pain too. So if you have a bad cut & it hurts, putting cayenne pepper on the cut can give you initial relief until you get the hospital or doctors office.


Red Cayenne PeppersBut there’s more…years ago, I read about a doctor named Dr Christopher who said he always kept a few cayenne pepper capsules in his pocket in case of an emergency. He claimed that in his 35-year career, he never lost a heart attack patient using his cup of cayenne tea remedy. He explained that if someone was having a heart attack, a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper in a cup of water when drank immediately could help. Of course, this was not to be used instead of seeking medical care but as something that could be used while waiting for the ambulance or even used on the way to the hospital. It is said that cayenne pepper can stop a heart attack in 60 seconds.

To be effective the Red Cayenne Pepper must have a rating of at least 90,000 heat units. If the person is conscious, have them drink the cayenne and water mix asap. If the person is unconscious, using cayenne extract or tincture may also help by placing a couple of drops under the person’s tongue instead.

Cayenne Pepper Bush

Cayenne pepper has had a long history and many experts think that because cayenne pepper is used so often in Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisines, this may be the reason why these countries have such a low incident of heart disease. It has also shown an ability to help lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, increase dilatation of blood vessels which decreases blood pressure and can be a potentially strong antioxidant which helps reduce free radical damages for those who use it regularly.

If you are interested in adding Cayenne Pepper to your diet, an easy way would be to change your pepper shaker from Black to Red. While a simple change, this keeps this spice at arms length and can be the beginning of an encouraging conversation with family and friends. Telling others about its heart healthy potential and always keeping some on hand may be a good idea as we grow older. May it be the emergency spice that you never need actually need to use but have available just in case.

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